Kid Craft Ideas

Rainbow Rice

DIY: Kaleidoscope Rice

Items Needed:

  • 8 cups uncooked rice

  • Food colors

  • White vinegar

  • Baggies

    • Add 1 cup rice to a baggie. In a small bowl combine 1-2 T. vinegar along with one of the food colors. The intensity of the color will depend on how many drops you put in.
    • Add the vinegar mixture to the rice and seal the bag. Make sure to let out as much air as possible before sealing
    • Squish the vinegar mixture all over the rice. This is a great time for the kids to get involoved. They love squeezing all the color around.
    • Once the color is disbursed on all the rice, pour out onto some wax paper and let air dry.  Once dry, play away!
    Be Creative!!!